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The soldering iron is very easy to operate,please read the manual before using. 
Here is some outstanding features of this unit 
1.Auto sleep and shut off function 
The soldering iron goes to sleep mode when in idle( idle time could be set within 1-99 mins. ),move the hand-piece or just revolve the knob to wake it up.The soldering iron shuts off automatically when sleep for a time ( 1-479 mins settable),press the knob to restart the soldering iron. 
2.Preset temperature function,set a frequently used temperature and time you would keep using at this temperature,so during working mode,just press the knob then it heats up to this preset temperature immediately. 
3.Temperature locking function,the Max. Power consumption could reach 72W,the highest temperature can be as high as 700 ℃ (ie.1292℉),but it is not suggested to soldering at temperature higher than 380℃ for a long period,or else it will shorten the life of heating element and the tip,you can set a locking temperature to protect authorized temperature change,which keeps the soldering iron at a specific

This is a powerful soldering iron,come with a mini controller,light weight and compact designed,you can carry to where you need to do soldering work. 
The soldering iron uses T12 integrated tip(tip with heater built-in),it heats up in seconds and thermal recovery is very quick,no more long weight during work,it is especially ideal for heavy duty soldering applications,such as big joint,battery and solar panel soldering . 
OLED display,precise micro control,very easy to read 
Various functions available,auto sleep,auto power off, 
Working  voltage: AC 100V-240V.OUTPUT: 24V 3A 
Temperature setting range, 50 --700 Celsius degree 
Packing list:  
1.OLED Digital controller with Aluminum case x1  
2.T12 hand-piece x1 
3.T12-Knife tip x1 
4.T12-ILS tipx1 
5.Silicon Power cable x1

Ultimate soldering iron with stand (stand may vary)

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