Powers from USB, LiPo Battery or 12V DC 

The ProTek R/C LED Pit Light features convenient touch sensitive controls with three color temperature modes and six adjustable brightness/dimming levels.

Incorporating 28 high-powered LED's using around 11 watts of power, the LED Pit Light provides clean, stress-free lighting equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent bulb. The LED technology eliminates the harsh whites of florescent lighting and high-heat commonly associated with close proximity lighting.

With an elegant, stylish, foldable and rotatable design, the adjustable joints can be placed in almost any position without tightening or loosening knobs or screws, simply move the light to where you need and the lamp will hold to form. 


  • Rotatable Light Head System
  • Power with 12V DC, USB or LiPo (2S-3S)
  • 270° Adjustable Lighting Angle
  • Touch sensitive buttons
  • 3 Adjustable color temperatures
  • 5 step adjustable brightness 

NOTE: This light does not have a low voltage cut off function when used with a LiPo battery. Battery voltage must be monitored to prevent over discharge (Approx. 6.4V for 2S, and 9.6V for 3S). At the highest lamp setting (600 lumens), a 5000mAh 2S pack will provide approx. 3.5 hours of use and a 5000mAh 3S pack will provide approx. 5.5 hours of use.  

DC Power Cable Input Voltage: 6-15V 
USB Cable Input Voltage: 5V/2.1A 
Max Power: 11 Watts 
Brightness: 180-600 Lumens, 5 steps 
Color Temperature: 3,000K, 3,500K & 4,000K 
Size: 281x60x314.5mm 
Weight: 460g


  • Aluminum LED Pit Light
  • DC Input Cable w/4mm Bullets 
  • USB Input Cable
  • Carrying Case 

POWER NOTE: This light does not include an AC power cord. The light will need to be powered from the included USB cable, 12V DC power source (like a power supply) or a LiPo battery. 

ProTek RC Aluminum LED Pit Light