Designed for use with all classes, 1/8th circuit car, buggy and truck, 1/10th buggy, 1/10th touring car, 1/12th and WGT.
Measures the chassis corner weights, left and right distribution, front and rear distribution, cross weights and total weight.
Measurement can be displayed in either Grams or Ounces.
Highly accurate weight measurement in 0.1g increments (equivalent to 0.01 oz)
Maximum weight limit for each scale is 2000 grams.
A total of 13 LED screens clearly displaying all the information, colour coded for easy reference:
4 Red LED screens for displaying each corner weight measurement
2 Green LED screens for displaying front weight and rear weight measurement.
2 Green LED screens for displaying cross corner balance (FR+RL and FL+RR)
1 Green LED screen for displaying total weight measurement
4 LED screens for displaying weight distribution percentages.
Easy to operate 3 button controls
4 large, easy to clean aluminum weighing surfaces, with flexible wire.

Racing Scales