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Delrin machined laydown transmission case.  This case utilizes the following parts in it:

57-1172 Idler Shaft

57-1173 Top Shaft

57-1169 Slipper Eliminator

57-1174 Gear Diff Assembly or AE 6.1 Ball diff assembly

57-6000 5x10 Bearings (4pcs)

57-6001 10x15 Bearings (2pcs)

AE 91717 Idler Gear

57-1237 or 57-1238 Motor Plate


Transmission is designed as a direct fit for Custom Works Cars.  For use in GFRP cars you will need to modify the top plate holes slightly.  You will also need to remove the bottom trans riser and shim the top trans brace up .015".  

2021 Laydown Transmission

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